The Occult Numerology of 2012 and Illuminati Deception

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The Occult Numerology of 2012 and Illuminati Deception Empty The Occult Numerology of 2012 and Illuminati Deception

Post  Harold of the Rocks on Sun Oct 28, 2012 11:58 am

Startling Review Of Use Of “11″ In History

Common Themes: War, Violence, Struggle.

The below information is copied and edited from the Cutting

When the Illuminati ended the First World War, they had just
successfully completed the first war of the occult plan to produce the
Antichrist. Thus, they deliberately ended World War One on the 11th
Month [November], the 11th Day, at the 11th hour. The signing of the
Armistice agreement was thus undergirded by three elevens!
When the Illuminati assassinated President Kennedy, he was killed
according to the occult number signature of eleven [11]. He was killed
in the 11th month, on the 22nd day, and on the 33rd parallel. He was
also killed in the Masonic Dealey Plaza.

  1. September 11, 1609 — The explorer Henry Hudson sailed into New York
    harbor and discovered Manhattan Island and the Hudson River, the very
    location on which the Twin Towers were constructed!
  2. September 11, 1941 — Construction officially began at the Pentagon.
    [Ibid.] Thus, 60 years later to the day, the Pentagon is attacked. The
    number “6″ is an important number to the occultist. The number of man is
    “6″; the number of man’s “perfect” government is “66″ and the number of
    the perfect leader of all time is “666″.
  3. September 11, 1972 — The world was introduced to terrorism at the
    1972 Munich Olympic Games. . There were 121 participating countries
    (11X11=121), and 11 Israeli athletes were killed. Exactly 29 years
    (2+9=11) after this terrorist horror ended, another more despicable
    horror occurred – the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks.
  4. September 11, 1772 — About 300 Indians and 50 British soldiers began
    the siege of Fort Henry. Researchers and historians of this siege are
    puzzled by the meaning of a comment in a document describing these
    events. It was recorded in a letter written by Lydia Cruger (11
    letters), and it seems a fitting comment to this section. She wrote,
    “The siege commenced about sun an hour high, Monday, 11th, at all
    events, the 11th.” [Ibid.]
  5. September 11, 1776 — A failed peace conference with the British was
    held. The war that had begun on April 19, 1776 [the first day of the
    13-day Satanic celebration, "The Bloody Sacrifice of the Beast"]
    continued. [Ibid.] After the fall of New York to the British, a
Conference was held between General Howe and three prominent
    representatives of the Continental Congress – Benjamin Franklin, John
    Adams and Edward Rutledge. After taking the Americans key city, Howe
    thought he was entitled to a peace settlement. The Americans, having
    declared independence in July, considered separation from England as
    non-negotiable. The conference of Sept. 11, 1776, ended and the war
    continued for seven years.
  6. September 11, 1777 — The first day the American flag was used in
    battle at the Battle of Brandywine. [Ibid.] The British defeated the
    Americans, led by George Washington, but Old Glory flew for the first
  7. September 11, 1922 — Despite Arab protests, a British mandate is
    proclaimed in Palestine on September 11, 1922. The mandate came into
    effect at the end of September 1922. [Ibid.] Not only was this
    proclamation made on a September 11, but the year formed a twice “11″ —
  8. September 11, 1941 — The US 1st Army crosses the border into German
    territory. Also, the Quebec Conference was held between England’s Prime
    Minister, Winston Churchill. [Ibid.]
  9. September 11, 1973 — Chilean President Salvador Allende is killed in
    a brutal, violent military coup led by General Augusto Pinochet.
    [Ibid.] Henry Kissinger was strongly implicated in this attack, and if
    he were to ever stand trial in an International Court, he would be
    charged with masterminding this coup and ordering the assassination of
    Allende. [" The Latest Kissinger Outrage: Why is a proven liar and
    wanted man in charge of the 9/11 investigation?", by Christopher
    Hitchens, November 27, 2002]
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